Clients & Results

We support our own brands as well as other key partners.


Mozaic Company

Outdoor pillows and cushions have never been so stylish. Mozaic offers flawless designs to transform your patio into your own personal oasis. They create timeless, eye-catching pieces that are crafted out of superior fabrics like Sunbrealla, to ensure both quality and comfort. Best of all, their products are all made in the USA with meticulous attention to detail.

* Launched over 2,500 SKUs with premium content
* Increased ROAS on PPC by over 1,400%
* Lowered ACoS to 10%
* Increased gross revenue by 75%
* Upgraded video content increasing conversions 10%
* Launched brand on five new websites


SEI Furniture

As an established furniture company, SEI had a strong catalog of business but needed help taking their company to the next level. They trusted Endygo to stay true to their roots while we implemented strategic marketing and SEO to expand their reach to new markets. SEI has partnered with Endygo for over ten years and continues to use our team’s tailored approach to grow their revenue and stay ahead of their competition.

* 60% increase in gross sales
* Beta partner for new programs with Overstock & Wayfair
* Advertising ROAS growth of 30%
* Achieved Overstock Summit Partner Award for the highest engagement
* Amazon sales per visitor increased 93%


Clipper Corporation

Clipper’s Viking products began with a passion for cooking and grew into a string of innovations designed to make the kitchen more functionally efficient.

Viking Culinary continues to optimize the cooking experience with their quality cookware and kitchenware.

* 640% increase in Amazon account gross revenue
* 2,332% increase in Wayfair account gross revenue
* Increased impression by 20% in the first three months
* 36% increase in sales due to email marketing campaign


Mohawk Home

As a division of Mohawk Industries, Mohawk Home creates quality, livable products made to become the backdrop for life’s best moments. Mohawk Home offers everything from area rugs, accent rugs, rug pads, bath, kitchen, and utility mats. They use energy-efficient manufacturing processes to fashion eco-friendly products that benefit both their customers and their communities.

* 51% increase in gross revenue on Wayfair
* 53% increase in gross revenue on Amazon
* 81% increase in Amazon shipped sales
* Content recommendations and optimization resulting in increased customer engagement


Loloi Rugs

Loloi is committed to designing rugs and pillows that give today’s homes new life while utilizing age-old craftsmanship. Woven in India by skilled artisans, their rugs are carefully crafted with beautiful colors and timeless textures that are made to stand the test of time. Whether you are a designer, decorated, or a homebody, Loloi’s goal is to serve you with their unparalleled style.

* Reduced Amazon ACoS by 30% by optimizing AMS campaigns
* Increased US revenue by 200% and CA revenue by 130%
* Catalog optimization with a focus on variation additions resulting in increased sales of +100%



Surya’s mission is to be the go-to resource for beautiful rugs, regardless of your lifestyle or budget. Their rugs merge function with fashion-forward trends in a variety of price points so that anyone can find the perfect pieces to fill their home. Besides style, superior quality and service are part of what makes this innovative rug company loved by designers and consumers alike.

* Over 160% increase in gross profit
* Launched product on over 12 new retailer websites
* Built tens of thousands of new SKUs
* Strategized and executed a successful ecommerce plan